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Address: 855 North Point Pkwy
Phone: (770) 664-9696
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Category: Gym / Fitness Center
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  • Brian Brown

    Hit the steam room after your workout. The best feeling you'll have all day.
  • Kerry P

    Emptiest time (if you want to go in the daytime) is from 1-4pm. But also open 24 hours!
  • Sina Rafieinejad

    This lifetime blows. Its dirty, un-organized and miss managed. If you can go to the one in Woodstock if you ever can. You will see what I'm talking about
  • Jim McAnally

    You must let them soak.
  • Elizabeth Buergler

    Tuesday/Thursday spin at 8:30 with Ashley is the best! Be sure to get there 20+ mins early to get a bike in the winter!
  • Heidi Stine

    Best personal trainers in town!
  • Rich Murray

    On busy nights grab a towel BEFORE your workout and stash it on your locker for later as they frequently run out.
  • Dwayne Kilbourne

    Make sure to take some Cellucor C4 Extreme or M5 Extreme 2-in-1 before you hit the weights!!
  • Heidi Stine

    Personal Training with CD Mayhew will take your overall fitness to a new level.
  • Mike French

    This place is a corporate black hole, never join here or give them any money/commitment
  • Chris

    Go to WEIGH IN on FB and LIKE it! Leave your workout tips, diet tips, or journal what you are doing to STAY FIT in your city!!
  • Julie Collins

    Aqua Zumba with Michelle is splashy fun.
  • Bill

  • Sundus Abbasi

    Ashey's 830 cycling classes are the BEST. I haven't felt that worked out from a cycling class in a long time! Plus she plays good music!
  • Tu-Anh Pham

    5:30 a.m. Spin class with Brian B. on Mondays and Wednesdays will kick your butt, but it'll make you feel amazing afterwards!
  • Gracie Barra Corona-Riverside

    Hard to believe the gyms if California have not discovered these guys secrets yet! WOW WHAT AN AMAZING GYM
  • Heather Barr

    Fix the woodway treadmills please!!! Nice indoor pool slides in winter.
  • Linda M Braun

    50/50 & core with Melissa Layne. She ROCKS!!!
  • Jim McAnally

    Dear Elderly,baldheaded, personal trainer dude. Sorry your rude and intimidating used car sales approach didnt work yesterday.
  • Melou Louis

    zumba with Raymond are the best. love him
  • Cheryl Z

    Sunday Zumba class rocks!
  • Cellucor

    Drink plenty of water to ensure that you get the best workout results! Hydration is important!
  • Kelli

    Raymond's Zumba classes are the best - crowded, but awesome!
  • Riece™

    Hottest lifeguard studs around! ;)
  • Riece™

    Come on... Glue the rubber handles back on! Good maintenance but a lot of small things get overlooked.
  • Chris

    They definitely need new towels in the dressing rooms. They are like sandpaper.
  • Jay Rowland

    Gold's gym has been a much better experience across the board!
  • Britt Argo

    The pools are awesome. Love the variety of using adult lap pool, or splashing with my 4 year old in the stepless entry pool. In summer- both indoor & outdoor pool gives you tons of options 24 hrs.
  • Allen W

    CONSTANT closures due to maintenance, private events, and kids shitting in the pool. The outdoor pool is closed more months during the year than it's open. Not worth the premium charged.
  • Julie Collins

    Barbell on Tuesdays with Melissa rocks!
  • Joe "Dirk" Durkin

    if you have kids...use the full two hours in the kids center
  • Amanda Singer

    Walters spin class on Thurs 6:30 will kick your butt! If you're not working hard enough HE will turn up your resistance! Come with the attitude to WORK!
  • ShinYoung Magnant

    1 hr of Aqua Fitness class
  • Margarita

    Definitely go to Strike class on Monday nights with Gaby. She'll whip you into shape.
  • Alan Arlt

    Become A Fan of the Ultimate Hoops Facebook Page
  • Al Linneman

    Mike ' s spin class is awesome. Great music and a great workout!
  • Mariana Lopez

    Working out never was so fun!
  • Kim Bennett

    Renovation includes new spin bikes that show RPM, watts and speed!
  • John Y

    Friends can't bring your children even if they're members without extra fees. Policies are unfriendly and a scam for more money. says cancellation is also painful. Very unhappy with them!
  • Jay Rowland

    Company as a whole has very poor customer service with gums being run by managers who are empowered to do absolutely nothing. This has held true from GA, to TX, to other clubs.
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