North Point Mall

Address: 1000 N Point Cir
Phone: (770) 740-9273
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Category: Mall
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  • Perry Ellis

    With a newly renovated food court and a remarkable selection of retail stores, North Point Mall is your premier shopping destination.
  • Louis Hunter

    Have lunch in the food court.
  • Awesome Alpharetta, Ga.

    Weather not cooperating? Visiting from out of town, looking for exercise? Walk the mall! North Point Mall offers a climate-controlled environment perfect for year-round walking!
  • Queena Kou

    Hands down my favorite mall in metro Atlanta. Lots of great stores, huge selection, even a carousel in the food court for kids. I always leave with something - which may or may not be a good thing. :)
  • Beverly Bartley

    Holiday shopping...
  • Roman Drankin

    Better then gwinnett mall
  • Ido Erlitzki

    Go get a bear from build a bear and give it to a random person. It feels nice.
  • Rachael Kimling

    I love this mall but there are far too many children in leashes.
  • Ryan Baill

    Don't have the falafel at great raps... Instead eat a DQ 2 hot dogs and a drink for 4 bucks!
  • Mr_Tree

    this mall sucks!
  • Jenn

    Teavana is my favorite store here! Great service, tasty teas, and lots of different samples to try.
  • Oscar Gil

    Shopping at the mall is so fun!! I won't forget it. Maybe I can come to visit very soon, or also I can work at ATA promotion show.
  • Ryan Hanlon

    Avoid the paring deck by Dillard's as of 8/4/12 the top half of it is closed for repair or something...
  • Christie Ragland

    Great food court..
  • Kenny Buckles

    Great warp rocks
  • Amy Zurawski

    Build a bear workshop has the most fun and energetic workers at this mall!
  • Me-Ality

    Get a free body scan to avoid changing room headaches and find your fit in 100s of brands at the Me-Ality booth in Zone B, Level One across from Helzberg Diamonds.
  • JC Wise

    He lurks in the mall somewhere...
  • Lydia A.

    Nicest mall in GA!! :)
  • Chris Brickey

    Should check out North Point Church while there...
  • ExerShop

    Walking around the mall can be great exercise!
  • Chi Christine

    Stop by my table in front of Starbucks to win a $50 gift certificate to our salon! There's no catch! Everyone's a winner!!
  • Andrew Matuza

    My new favorite place to walk around and people watch
  • Jamie I

    LOVE this mall! All my favorite stores in 1 location. Be sure to check out Yummy Cupcakes---they have the best red velvet cupcakes truly yummy!
  • The Downtown Fiction

    Make sure you pick up The Downtown Fiction's 'Let's Be Animals' here @ Hot Topic!
  • Christian B

    Buckle rocked
  • Su Irem Dogan

    Very good mall
  • Mariana Lopez

    Try Five Guys, new in food court
  • Awesome Alpharetta, Ga.

    You'll find tons of stores including the American Girl Boutique and Bistro and a wide variety of stylish, well known retailers.
  • Nisha

    Nice decent mall great selection
  • Jennifer Youngelman

    Never see IMAX 3D at AMC Northpoint. The chairs are terrible. The picture and sound was awesome though.
  • Margaret Snoddy

    Too many people here!
  • Ashley Ausburn

    If you have a birthday party at the mall they don't allow balloons
  • Bahama Breeze

    This mall is great if you have children or pre-teens. Girls will love the American Girl store and there is a carousel in the food court that all ages will love.
  • Brian Gibbins

    Parents... There IS a pay phone here.
  • Tiff Huang

    There are some terrible drivers around here...
  • Britt Argo

    The nicest restrooms in the mall are the Ladies Lounge on the 2nd floor of Von Maur. There is even a large seperate Sitting Room with sofas, armoires, and a palladium window. Plus a Diaper Area.
  • Matthew Roa

    KCCO! Chive On!
  • Jessica Strack

    Von maur is a great store and much needed addition to the area. This mall lacks any good dining options inside. The food court is terrible besides chick fil-a and you have to exit the mall for other
  • Craig Burch

    Worst mall ever encountered. Traffic flow has always been poor and problematic. Now, during the holiday shopping time, the parking lot has been closed. .
  • Ana Bedoya

    Free gift wrapping at Von Maur
  • Steve Lambert

    If you stay for college fair - after you get off the mini train stop at this table!
  • LAdyBug?? Chic

    Come visit for free samples AND bra fittings
  • Keissa White

    I <3 this Mall. Check out Macy's and H&M
  • Gary Frost

    Best mall in the Atl.
  • Allen W

    Vomit after eating at any place in the food court.
  • Michelle Hahn

    Von Maur has the best Mother's lounge!!
  • Britt Argo

    Best Parking closest to an entrance is Von Maur on back side ( between the closed Parisans store). Can walk right into 2nd level mall entrance. Even during peak times- this still gets us closer.
  • G. Troy Simpson

    The Sprint kiosk in this mall has very knowledgeable sales people who actually care about their customers
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