Studio Movie Grill

Address: 2880 Holcomb Bridge Rd
Phone: (770) 992-8411
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Category: Multiplex
Check Ins: 17772


  • Thrillist

    This spot's an all-in-one dinner/drinks/movie megaplex, where you'll order everything by tapping the waitstaff-signaling buzzer. Head here on Wednesday's for $10 all-you-can-eat pizza.
  • Jason Ferguson

    This place is pretty neat. The food is a bit pricey, but is decent, and the servings are substantial. It's nice to get dinner and a movie all at one place!
  • Dawn Gartin

    Order tix and pick seats online AHEAD of time.
  • Shaune Norwood

    It was a great movie theater and I loved the food
  • tiffany unger rambusch

    If you're on the Sprint network, there is freestanding digital kiosk between the double door entryway that prints $1 Off coupons good towards popcorn, soft drinks or a treat of your choice.
  • Yoo Sun Ha

    Be sure to get here early (earlier than a regular movie theater) for any movie you wanna see, or you will get a crappy seat!
  • Tom Harris

    Bring something warm. The theaters are sometimes cold.
  • Dave Leach

    Don't worry if you're running a tad late; the time on the marquee is when the trailers start. Look for the countdown clock on the back wall of the lobby for the movie time.
  • Carolina Helsel

    Groupon! They constantly have $5 tickets that include a drink (with unlimited refills). You can use the vouchers for ANY movie.We've never had problems. Been here numerous times.They're great!
  • iLiveiLoveiLaugh Moore (LaToya)

    The food is much better here than at Fork & Screen in Buckhead.
  • Bobby Donathan

    Drinks are awesome!
  • Kenneth Saunders III

    Movies are $5 before noon.
  • Lisa Hokett

    Come early to get prime seating.
  • Lovta @ STAND Tanning

    Was really impressed! Clean and nice and a huge menu. Got the Korean Tacos and pretty good. Service was excellent.
  • Brent

    Buy your tickets early as they sell out quickly. Also, Coke lovers, prepare your taste buds. Soft drinks are Pepsi only. This should be a crime in Coke's birth place.
  • Jewda Kris

    Buy the @groupon passes offered every other month, $5 for a movie and soda is a steal. Don't wait till the last day to use them, everything will sell out in a flash.
  • Dasha Martin

    Don't get the buffalo chicken tenders... HOT AS HELL! It's Ridiculous!!!!
  • Erin Farrell

    They carry Coca-Cola and Diet Coke now! Be sure to open some happiness when you visit!
  • Nyota Simmons

    Great experience...had the mushroom & Swiss burger with sweet potato fries...yum!
  • Melissa Moore

    Their sweet potato fries are pretty good!
  • Gregory Pritchard

    I love the pizza there. I think it's the dough that makes it so good.
  • E Tsai

    Bartender sucks!!!!!
  • Kristen Maynard

    Don't get the steak quesadillas, but the burgers are great and the skinny margaritas are strong and delicious.
  • Jordan Frey

    Fucking employees walk in front of you during the climax of the movie.
  • Laura

    Drinks here are indeed awesome.
  • M White

    $5 movies before noon!
  • Stacy Morales

    Love this place! Only place I will see a movie. Large comfortable seats, food, drinks and perfect for kids
  • Omarr Miller

    The menu has changed. The burger is now much smaller and not worth $11.50
  • VI

    The cheese bread and burger bites are like heaven in your mouth
  • Reg L.

    Take a bar seat to for less walking traffic but a table seat for extra leg room. Very hard to eat and watch movie.
  • Staci Kimmons

    Try the Megaplex burger. It's amazing!
  • Andy Worden

    Steven Link (spelling?) is a fantastic manager. He keeps us coming back time and time again.<3
  • Nicole Wuttke

    Stick with the basic chicken tender basket. Everything else is okay. And always get here 30 mins early on a Saturday night when using Groupon or they will sell out or pay the VIP price online.
  • Akhil Parmar

    The ambiance is amazing, and if you have anything wrong with your experience ask for Mr Link. He helped us, and we have come back ever since
  • Gregore

    Prepare to park far
  • Cecile Gibson

    The Change Up
  • Knight Panther

    Great Service, Foods really good (HOT WING ROCK!!), and the total Movie experience there is impressive. Why do dinner and a movie somewhere else?
  • Sophy Phan

    Try the frozen hot chocolate!

    cool spot. best chicken nachoes in town
  • Malcolm Eller

    going to see Inception tonight... Hear its a really great movie...
  • Brett Cohrs

    Really is a nice place - don't expect to have movie fare type of food, though. Expect to get decent quality food at a slightly high-ish price. Vibe is decent, though.
  • Deborah Shakar

    Get your tickets on Groupon! $6.00 a ticket and nice to have servers bringing libations and food!
  • Jeff Johnson

    Kids had a ball!
  • Jamal D

    Good food and drinks ??
  • London Shaver

    Great for drinks but the food here is well below average. Stick to their great draft options or cheap margaritas on Mondays.
  • Marvin McTaw

    Office chairs for the seats but overall good for a movie and meal.
  • Ronda

    Burgers were like eating wood! Try something different.
  • Erin James

    Always has a great deal through groupon! And great food specials.
  • Imani Roberson

    New menu is awesome. The chicken pesto pizza yum yum.
  • Jerry Leveillee

    We love the cheese fries! Burgers are good too! Look online for 2 for $10 deals!! And they can add cherry flavor to your Coke!
  • Diamond Princess

    Mich cheaper & better seating than Fork & Screen
  • Melissa Carillo

    It's awesome for people who don't have a lot of time, eat dinner and watch a movie. It's also a good place to unwind with a nice 21+ beverage and a movie, all while sitting in a big comfy chair.
  • J McCoy

    Rocky road cookies and ice cream!
  • Katie Dunn

    Super cool venue and delicious food.
  • Tyler McDaniel

    Awesome. Fast service and great food!
  • Laura Miller

    Buy your tickets early! And their burgers are awesome- everything else is 'meh'.
  • Darkfire Wolfe

    Cheese fries are not good. The crab cakes are fantastic.
  • Joe Davanzo

    Parking on a Saturday night is a nightmare. get over 30 minutes early just to start circling. Once inside the ticket line is pretty fast
  • Tracy D

    Horror Rekix last Wed last night of the month 10pm free! Fun as helllll!!!!!
  • Kendall G

    The new 100% reserved seating is super annoying. I prefer to choose my own seats or be able to move if I have "annoying" neighbors.
  • Joe Davanzo

    New all Reserved Seat things could be nice...if the map made more sense. Rows A C E were low seats with the table. Not as shown on the map at ticket purchase
  • Lois Kim

    Their Stawberry-Lemonade is to die for!
  • amy thorne

    Very disappointed in chocolate molten cake It was the size of a cupcake & had very little (if any) hot fudge :( This is the 1st complaint I've had w/ the food! Everything else I've had has been great!
  • Jim Williams

    Mmm. Chocolate milkshake
  • Yeah Lets Go Atlanta

    Check out their Kids screensing!
  • Jennifer Rush

    Plan ahead if going at prime movie times, parking sucks!
  • Ryan Esparza

    Try the frozen hot chocolate!
  • Jerry Tirado

    I love the groupon deal, $5 per ticket and they give you a free drink coupon when arrive.
  • Amanda Singer

    If you're looking for a romantic date night at the movies ... Go somewhere else. Office chairs and a counter are practical for eating and drinking, but not for a date
  • Jessica H.

    Can't make many substitutions here but the food is good and the servers are pretty nice.
  • JayDeMeritStory

    See Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story opening Nov 3rd!
  • Tom Klein

    Reserve your seat well in advance for must see movies
  • Schyler Cain

    The dragonberry mojitos are the best!
  • Ariel M

    Try the raspberry slushie with malibu... its fantasmic!!
  • Josh Branham

    The Greek pizza is delicious
  • Samantha Budow

    The organization sucks. Plan to do a lot of waiting around before you actually get in the theater... Other than that, it's a cool place. Good food. Pricey, but good.
  • Aimee Riberon

    Be warned if you have the free passes booklet. They will turn you down for certain shows and then refuse to honor the pass.
  • Tre Moment

    Did not meet my expectations at all
  • Fredinand Hixon Sr

    Order the American Classic Burger!!
  • Tracy Moore

    The Other Woman is very funny, a great movie!
  • Yoo Sun Ha

    If you're getting popcorn, go for the large for $5.95 instead of the regular ($3.95). The "regular" size is way too small, and you get one free refill if you get the large!
  • Renee Key

    When you get the Groupons, don't redeem them online because you get charged a convenience fee!
  • Brian Logan

    Enter Studio Movie Grill profile on FourSquare. Tap on the icon that shows the number of movies showing. Tap the 1 you want to see and buy tickets using your Fandango account. #convergence
  • Sherry Jones

    Son go to the free premiers. They are very in organized. Instead of issuing tickets they have you stand in line for 3 hrs. Lazy people hold spots with personal items then are upset it gets stepped on.
  • Renee Key

    Get there early and chill by the bar - it's definitely worth it. No kids at the bar!
  • thom schreck

    If you order water, you're going to need to ask twice. It's a tad ridiculous.
  • Melanie Patterson

    It was really fun! Food was eh.
  • Brian Logan

    Definitely try the House Margarita. It's served frozen or on the rocks.
  • Joe Kernan

  • Vitalia Hunke

    Food was okay a little disappointed that they were out of popcorn.otherwise okay
  • Ayon Walters

    All you can eat pizza!
  • Itxaso Urresti

    Awesome place!
  • Marshal Langford

    Like all marvel films stay past the credits. #GuardiansoftheGalaxy
  • Tasha Richards-Mobasher

    Great french fries, sweet potato fries and chicken strips
  • Julie York

    Foods not too great- left with a massive stomach ache
  • chele 8)

    Smh... so boring!! Don't watch gravity!
  • Ciara Weathers

    Great movie theater, loved the food!
  • Kristina Rolls

    Reserve your seats online early they sell out fast, choose counter top if you're short ;) Great food and cool atmosphere!
  • Marvin Smith

    Check Groupon for discounts.
  • John Layne III

    Groupons, retailmenot, and their own specials, ..... Affordable fun!
  • Rebecca Bearden

    This place is fantastic
  • Tanessia Petties

    When waiting for your movie..have a hookah.
  • Jimmy Turner

    For the best seats, sit at the long bar!
  • Veronica Sizemore

    Don't bother arriving 30 min early like the receipt said! Reserve seats ahead of time!
  • Tiff J

    Great food
  • Marsha G.

    Blue moon keg was warm. Boo!
  • Cha-Bias Fann

    Cool place
  • Marsha G.

    Get there early so you get your food faster!
  • Racingpreston

    Food was good but expensive.
  • David Miller

    Great experience will be back
  • Sakshit Vig

    Try Frozen Hot Chocolate ... Refreshing and Filling !!! (XXtra Calories)
  • Aida Uzunovic

    Need to have parking lot open for public. Tavern up the hill from smg is rude for taking all the spots for valet
  • Mrs. L. Boogie

    Never use the free sneak peek movie passes here! It's the old bait and switch gimmick. Manager says you can get the child price of $8 for any other movie! Ha!
  • Antonio Walden

    Awesome place! Just saw an advertisement....Free screenings for Special Needs kids AND their siblings!
  • Krystal Saenz

    Buting tickets online adds a stupid convenience fee, just go early. It's great here but people have GOT to learn that paying for a movie = not social hour. Worse than kids in a normal theater!
  • Lovey McPherson

    Heads up in 2013: SMG Groupon purchases no longer includes a drink! Which now makes them like any other movie theater. At least the movie tavern includes popcorn with their ticket
  • TheFishers .

    Overrated , even with a Groupon deal !
  • Danielle Bailey

    Fave place to take my teen/tween for a Saturday boredom buster :)
  • Sterling Ledet

    Wings are good and kids love the alcohol free pina colada.
  • Stephanie Page

    Burgers are not that good and the fries could be hot instead of warm....sorry....:-/
  • Steve

    Smg was great as always. Friendly staff and great environment.
  • Sophia M

    I don't mind dropping $12 on a burger, but it shouldn't come out burned :/
  • Leah Van Galder

    The greatest service for a dinner and a movie all in one! Love all the friendly staff! :)
  • Kim Addison

    Love the seats and the tables
  • Jewda Kris

    Expired groupons no longer get you a ticket without the drink, now they are only worth $6 towards a regular ticket.
  • Greg Olotka

    Kinda wish I was seeing Django Unchained...
  • Rickey Smith

    Buy the groupon! Very good deal!
  • Oh SoPretty Rachelle

    Omg! I over love this place. Thanks to groping we only paid 5 bucks and got our drinks for free.
  • Alison Hibbard

    Interesting experience. Staff was not very friendly/helpful towards first-timers. Wish I would've read some of these other tips ahead of time!
  • Sri Kanth

    Brilliant ambience !!!
  • Amanda

    Watch out for the dude with the stinky feet who takes his shoes off in the theater
  • Sahee Jon

    Don't order fries. They're kind of soggy so it's not worth it unless you like soggy fries lol xD
  • Nico

    Great place to chill and the food is on point. Drinks are good as well. Definitely a place to take a date.
  • T&T Brown

    Go Monday through Thursday to avoid lines as early as you can. Any prime time showings or weekend showings involves ABC seating. Pray you are in group 1 or you'll sit separate from your friends & fam.
  • Chris D

    Don't use the middle urinal in the front restroom - no matter where you pee, it splashes on you.
  • Amee McGee Fontana

    Don't get the spinach and mushroom quesadillas! No bueno!
  • Brian Antonelli

    Projector lightbulb has gone out three times in this theatre during a single movie. Aggravating!! ?
  • Ebonysheppy

    Don't bother asking anyone who is not your server for food as they will just brush you off and tell you to ask someone else
  • Christie Ragland

    Love this place. Dinner and a movie what a better deal. Food is comparable to most restaurants so don't expect it to be cheap
  • April Brown-Matthews

    Watch a movie while you drinks!
  • Toya Freeman

    If you're with a group grab the seats in the back...the theater is smaller so you see everything & its no fuss!
  • Mrinal Agrawal

    Good get to order any food or drink while watching movie.
  • Rhonda Trimmer

    Dont drink too much or you'll sleep through movie! :)
  • Derek Murphy

    You come come with a group of 4 or more, make sure you get reserved seating and get here early or you'll be sitting seperatly!
  • India Zaire

    Staff were so nice and the Avengers were GREAT!
  • Rondisha Hales

    Love it here. Price is good and the foods pretty good too!
  • Jason Woerner

    Great food and theaters
  • Stack Mills

    Service sucks donkey balls... 45 mins into the movie and WE STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN OUR FOOD!
  • Stack Mills

    Wow... They have gnats in here!
  • Stack Mills

    The movies sell out quick. The food is more expensive than the Fork & Screen. Come here to take your kids. Go to the Fork & Screen for dates
  • Sharmele West

    The waiting in lines felt like I was in line at six flags. Thumbs down
  • Renee Key

    Order the Korean Tacos! A must-have!
  • The Joy Writer JoyK

    Go early, or risk sitting separate from your party or in the front row. Otherwise, great experience!
  • Slick Richard

    Eat, Drink, Watch Sports, and a Movie! Gotta Love It!
  • Aaron Reimann

    Don't do it! Horribly organized on a Friday night. Nobonr knows where to go or what to do.
  • Chuck Nicoll

    Love love love this place. Sweet water 420 on draft
  • Jan S

    Skinny margaritas rock!
  • Toni Pious Boyd

    Mini burgers are great!
  • Seth Edwards

    Using the groupon really makes this place affordable!
  • Mary Sellers

    Wouldn't honor special.
  • Samina A.

    surprisingly a trendy spot!
  • Keefer

    Arrive there at least 25 min. to get the best seats.
  • Giuliano Moschini

    3D movies: The glasses use real lenses, and are re-used every show. The lenses get scratched up as a result.
  • Knight Panther

    This place just won the Customer Service of the Year Award. I had an annoying computer glitch which would have made it impossible for me to see my favorite movie and they TOTALLY took care of me. WOW!
  • Damian Bygrave

    Checking out Friends With Benefits
  • Logan Rivera

    The chicken quesadillas are surprisingly delicious!
  • Ed

    They brought me second-hand mustard with my hot dog, seriously it was left-overs from someone else's meal. Gross.
  • Melanie Beauchamp

    Be warned! The Sprint kiosk for $1 coupons is not printing and when I tried to get it remedied, the mgr, Birdie, said "There was nothing they could do." Had to fight to get my $1 Terrible cust svc!
  • Jerry Stamey

    Tito bloody Mary is quite tasty
  • Amber Stokes

    Great black bean burger!!!
  • Yvonne

    Love this place. Dinner & movie is a great time for kids. Food is good but a little pricey. We had fun our 1st time.
  • Lateria Clemmons

    Buffalo tenders are HOT!
  • ~rae~

    Been here five times and five times the food order has been wrong and five times the check has been wrong. Be prepared to handle business during your movie. The interruptions are frequent!!
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