North Point Community Church

Address: 4350 N Point Pkwy
Phone: (678) 892-5000
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Category: Church
Check Ins: 15735


  • Steve Reynolds streams service at 11am and 6pm Sundays
  • David Hill

    The new North Point Christmas CD is available in the bookstore.
  • James Tention

    I Love this Church and the wonderful things for families.
  • Matt McKee

    Come early. You will thank me if you do.
  • Bigfeat (AKA Stephen Gilkenson)

    Have questions? Check out Starting Point.
  • Ryan Esparza

    Come to Insideout at 4:30!
  • John Hollis

    This church changed my life forever! God is GOOD, and you will be surrounded by His love in this place. I highly recommend the Transit middle school program!!
  • Terry Barber

    Baptism testimony can be more powerful than preaching. Got to me today!
  • David Hill

    The When God? DVD is now available. It contains videos of the songs that Candi Shelton & Eddie Kirkland sang during the series.
  • Sonya Tyler

    Awesome church, awesome pastor, for an awesome God. we travel to Atlanta to see family, but northpoint is the best part.
  • Chick-fil-A Leadercast

    North Point Church is led by senior pastor and Chick-fil-A speaker Andy Stanley, voted the third most influential church in America.
  • David Hill

    The Recover Road DVD is 50% off through 10/30/11!
  • Terry Barber

    A great place for people who generally hate church! Love it since that would be ME.
  • Abby ????

    I love this church have grown up here it's amazing if you haven't came here yet you really need to
  • Blake Jones

    I absolutely love this church! The people, worship, talks, everything is just EPIC!
  • Robyn C

    I love this place!
  • Madison Bolton

    A place you can call home no matter where you come from and who you are!
  • Lenie Grant

    I love love love this place!
  • Matt McKee

    Take advantage of the kid's programs. Your kids will say thank you after every service.
  • Sarah Wilson

    Go to 12:45. It's a great service with less parking problems!
  • Stephanie Boyd

    Awesome place! Sign Language interpretation avail at 11a service in West.
  • Jeremy Sokol

    Loveeeeee this church :)
  • Jcd

    Andy speaking today!
  • David Goddard

    Get here one hour before the service starts.
  • Ali Troncoso

    Everyone is all smiles and Andy's messages are always on-point. P.S.: he usually talks in the east auditorium!
  • Erich Starrett

    Watch the entire service online every Sunday at 9am, 11am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm and Wednesday at 8pm ET.
  • Liberty

    First time at the early service and parking is a breeze!
  • Liberty

    First time at the early service an parking's a breeze.
  • Steven Stafford

    Get there early. Parking and traffic are unholy.
  • Millie Duran-Gonzalez

    I love this Church, It is a great please to feed the soul. It's also a place where tons of unemployed people start off their week on Mondays at 7:30am to network and start their week ready to roll.
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