Atl support for NT adults living w adults who have Aspergers

Group Description

I am starting this group to help support those who are in close relations to adults with aspergers. This meeting will only be for the NT adult. I want this to be a safe place where NT adults can share their concerns. I have realized there is a lack of support in this area. I need it and want others to have it. I am divorcing my husband of 12 years who is undiagnosed. My seven year old has been diagnosed with aspergers. There is a lot of support for children with aspergers but I haven't seen much for those of us living with adults with aspergers. These meetings are to help people realize they are not alone.

We will start meeting at my house in alpharetta or Forsyth Park next door to my house. I would like to eventually find a location that is central for all members. I don't want everyone to feel they have to drive to Alpharetta for every meeting. We will figure out a more permanent meeting location once better established.

I look forward to meeting you.