North Ga Ballroom & Country Dance Group

Group Description

North GA Ballroom & Country Dance Group

sponsored by Club 201 (American Legion Post 201) in Alpharetta GA.

We Hope You'll JOIN us Soon!

Dance Lessons with Mark & Elizabeth and/or Gregg and Suzie prior to each event.

2nd largest Dance Floor in Georgia! - Great Music! - Always Fun!

FRIDAY - generally Ballroom format with up-tempo dance music (normally D.J.). Lessons 7-8 PM - Dance 8-Midnight.

SATURDAY - more of a Country feel with a live band. Lessons 7-8 PM - Dance 8-Midnight.

SUNDAY - West Coast Swing Night. Lessons 6.00-7.30 PM - Dance 7.30-10.00

Visit for full Details, Schedule, Etc.