Emotionally Intelligent Daters

Group Description

Ever feel like dating is a single-elimination tournament? Tried online dating only to find your catch was a 'catch and release'? Or maybe you've found yourself (much to your dismay) being an online stalker who constantly checks to see if your latest love interest is online. Ever told someone you'd call them when you had no intention to? Don't understand why you haven't heard from him/her when it seemed to go so well? In all of these cases, emotions play a vital role in your success - or failure - to begin a relationship. Join this group and we'll demystify the dating process by getting men's and women's views on ĎDating in 2013' and show you how to use your emotions to win at the dating game.† See our Pages tab for more information and†topics we'll discuss, like "Men are Waffles and Women are Spaghetti."

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