Social Homeschoolers - Preteen & Teen

Group Description

The purpose of this group is to provide consistent socialization opportunities for homeschooled pre-teens and teens living in North Georgia. Considering that older children require consistent and free time to bond, I created this group to provide an array of recreational get-togethers or extra-curricular opportunities for older homeschoolers. Every member is welcome to post activities based on your childís interest and preferably with some periodicity so they have a chance to make lasting friendships.

This is an eclectic group so everyone is welcome regardless of faith or homeschooling style, and of course, younger siblings are welcome as well. If one activity is suited for the older ones, we can create a simultaneous younger sibling activity to entertain the little ones as well.

There are no fees to join the group, I just ask for respect and collaboration from the members. We are all in this wonderful journey of homeschooling together and we all want the best for our kids so letís provide positive social interactions with like-minded families and have fun!