4Streams Partners

Group Description

4Streams Partners is a not-for-profit Men's Ministry based in Atlanta, GA intent on waking men up to the gospel of the Kingdom of God and the Transformational Power of connection with Jesus Christ.

RESTORATION, Calling, Becoming Wholehearted Men, Living like a Son and not an orphan... these are the Big Ideas that we dip into each week.  And each week is different. Who knows how God will help us tie a Big Idea to Scripture? And which great story or film clip will we use to best illustrate something that becomes so Real that more and more men become increasingly aware that they can invite Jesus into those mundane moments throughout the week and find... More LIFE?  Who knows?  Come and See.

Any Man who is hungry & thirsty for More LIFE in Jesus Christ should check this Meetup Group out. Especially if you find yourself frustrated or bored with the 2017 Christian Culture. If you are aware of the emasculation of Men in the 21st century church, join us in the quest for Redeemed & Restored Masculinity. 

The Mission Statement of this group is:  "Awaken Men to More LIFE Through a Transformational Relationship with Jesus".  

If you have read this far, you are probably a great candidate to connect with the wonderful knuckleheads who make up 4Streams Partners.  That means that you are aware that more men need a giant Rescue from sleepwalking through life.  You probably also grasp that you live in a world that is at war with God's greatest enemy... and yours.