Vibrant Health Meetup of North Atlanta

Group Description

This group is for those interested in all aspects of health, and who want to learn and share in order to establish daily habits that dramatically increase your chances of experiencing excellent health.

What are the most critical aspects of good health in order of importance? While nutrition is just one aspect of health that we examine, it is arguably the most important one. "Following a Western style diet (fried and sweet food, processed and red meat, refined grains, and high-fat dairy products) may lead to greater risk of premature death" - Science Daily, 2013. It is not the premature death that should be our primary concern, but rather the journey... the poor health, the ongoing prescription medications, the serious diseases, and all of the associated pain and suffering that can so negatively affect your life. The Western-style diet is a major contributor to a path where you will sooner or later encounter one of the 3 most prevalent deadly diseases today, with the life-altering consequences.

On the positive side, we are increasingly seeing variations of the above information repeated over and over in the Science community...even by our FDA. AT THE SAME TIME, there is a slew of intentionally misleading information (often sourced from studies financed by large processed food companies and medical drug companies) propagated in the media. The ‘information’ typically is intended to preserve the status quo, and lead the broader population to stick with their current consumption habits and knowledge. But the causes of ill-health and the major deadly diseases are becoming increasingly clear. You can take control and stack the deck in your favor.

Here are a few examples of topics we want to examine:

* How do we make sense of all of the (often) conflicting information out there, and dramatically increase our chances of experiencing good health?

* How do we build a base of accurate knowledge and resources covering all the topics that relate to vital health and longevity?

* How do we overcome the intense cravings for nutritionally-poor food, and effectively deal with the bad habits built up over decades?

* What is the “inflammation” we read so much about these days, and how is it the basis for disease?

* How do we build the daily habits and meal plans that are a strong foundation for a rewarding health journey?

* How important to health are the social and mental aspects of our lives?

* What are the best forms of exercise, and can over-exercise cause health issues?

If you have an interest in the path to extraordinary health, be a part of this group. Be prepared to share your knowledge, bring your questions, and research topics for yourself!