Atlanta Spice Mix Couples

Group Description

Spice Mix - \?sp?s miks \ noun: two persons romantically paired together in which one mate is Desi and the other is of non-Desi decent

Do you ever get strange looks when out in public together, are your children drop dead gorgeous, do you struggle to find the right balance of multiple culture's tradition at home?  If so, you may be a Spice Mix!

All Indians married to non-Indians, let's get together! We can share stories/laughs, have some beer/wine/mango lassi/adraik chai, and just hangout in good company!  All married couples (with or without children) are welcome.  The majority of our gatherings will take place in the north metro suburbs (OTP) but "Spice Mixes" from all areas are encourged to join and attend. Sorry, no singles permitted.

After a 14-day trial period, there is a $5 membership fee per family. The fee helps cover costs to run this group.   

This is an active group where attandance is important. Attending 1 event every 6 months is mandatory. Members who cannot make this committment will be removed from the group. No refunds will be given.