Disrupt Camp-ATL- Business Transformation Through Technology

Group Description

This is a group focused on industry professionals and management/technology consultants who are passionate about transforming business operations and customer experience by leveraging technology solutions. We hope to meet monthly and review latest trends, challenges faced across various industries and opportunities for disruption/transformation.

This meet up is open to management/technology consultants with an interest in business transformation as well as industry professionals who are either working on or looking to launch business transformation initiatives within their organizations.

Members of this group will benefit from the experience and insights from other transformation professionals as well as gain valuable opportunities to network. During each meetup, we expect to host a presentation on a topic related to current trends in technology enabled business transformation or discuss a case study/business scenario brought forward by a fellow "Transformer". During each meetup, we will facilitate a "PDA-Problem- Disruptive Idea- Architecture Solution" session- which is an interactive 30 mins of prepared presentations and roundtable discussions where members will have the opportunity to brainstorm around opportunities for disrupting everyday problems faced by consumers or specific industries. We encourage active participation throughout the presentation and prefer to keep the session interactive. The Disrupt Camp meet ups will culminate in a "Disrupt Camp" Conference towards the end of each year.

Web Site : www.disruptcamp.org, Twitter: @disruptcamp