Group Description

Hello, A lot of people, myself included, think Windward is underserved when it comes to network and business development opportunities. While we will be opening a category exclusive Windward UNI location, I also want to create an all inclusive Windward Meetup to serve this community. Windward is home to many great businesses, but don't forget it is also home to many great homes. Everybody that lives in those homes works somewhere, and everybody that works in Windward lives somewhere. I don't get hung up on business to business or business to consumer. I want to focus on B to E. Business to everybody! My first network business produced a newsletter that networked the clients of sixteen companies. It was the forerunner to the UNI newsletter that is one of the elements of our unique UNI concept. That was 1997! There are not a lot network opportunities out there. Having a specific community focus can be a critical ingredient to a successful effort. I believe a focus on Windward makes a lot of sense. And possibly dollars! It is my hope that the Windward Meetup, an open category group with no dues, will serve as a vehicle to help you network your businesses. We also seek to aquaint potential members with our category exclusive Windward UNI group. If you have a desire to network your business, and have an interest in getting out of the box and into our sphere of influence, join upand meetup.