Atlanta Trail Running

Group Description

The Atlanta Trail Running group is for runners throughout the Metro Atlanta area who like to run trails.

Come Trail run with us!†We run on the dirt and in the trees. Why? Trail running is...FUN, less impact on the body than running on pavement, utilizes more muscles groups so you get stronger, balance and agility improves, mentally stimulating, a great way to connect with nature, and you're having so much fun you want to keep running! Running is also a lot easier to run when running with others!

Metro Atlanta and North Georgia is a Trail Runner's heaven with some great trails! Metro Atlanta has 50+ trails! Trail Running is different from road running. Running on dirt is much kinder on the joints.

Why join this group?
If you have not run trails before, come join us for a trail run to get introduced to how running on trails has a little different style than running on pavement.†Meet runners who share similar running goals and schedules, whether the goal is to improve fitness, race a 10k or ultra distance event; this group has a diverse group of members.

Being in a group provides some margin of safety when running on trails,†...†and especially if the trails are†remote or unfamiliar. Trail running buddies can also be motivational. We can also learn new trails from others.

So if you are tired of running the same old roads, dodging traffic, and smelling the fumes of cars and trucks, come on and lets trail run.

This group is for those of us who enjoy running within nature. Trail runners are much different than those road runners who seem to enjoy pounding the pavement more than a hike through the woods. For some runners,†this group is a social group†and is about getting a good low impact workout by running through beautiful scenery. For other runners, this group is about training for races.

If you want to run different trails, we have 50+ running trails in Metro Atlanta listed in the message Board to pick from to enjoy a diversity of nature scenery.

Looking for trail running buddies to run with near where you live or work?†Join Us, and post your info in "Trail Running Partner Wanted!"

Who should join this group?

We are safety conscious and do not leave anyone behind in the middle of the woods. So, to make if fun for all runners, if you can comfortably run 4+ miles on roads then you are ready to take on the local trails with us. There are fast runners and slow runners. We runs like an inchworm with the fast runners periodically stopping to wait for (or run back to) the slow runners. Our trail runs are usually 5 miles to 11 long, and occasional up to 15 miles. Our running paces are generally from 9 to 13 minutes per mile on trails without too much elevation change... of course, the more elevation change, the slower the pace.

For the safety of the group, you should have an identifiable profile picture of yourself...†we want be able to see what you look like.

Top 10 Reasons to Trail Run instead of running on pavement:

10) It is more fun and it adds variety to your routine.

9) Softer surfaces like dirt will shield your feet, shins, knees, & back from hard impact... therefore eliminating/reducing chronic injuries, aches, and pains.

8) Because of their uneven surface, trails provide some strength training for the ankles, quads, and calves. It is great for core muscles.

7) Under the leaves, you get to beat the heat, especially in†hot summer months of HotAtlanta.

6) Offers protection from the wind-chill in cold months.

5) Photosynthesis and escape from car fumes give you cleaner respiration.

4) Develops Zen-like focus on the ground before you in order not to trip on rock outcroppings and tree roots.

3) No two steps are quite alike.

2) You get to run right through the middle of Beautiful Scenery.

1) You often get to see deer.

If you have never run the trails before, check out these instructional videos:

Common Mistakes in Trail Running

Trail Running tips - getting started

How Trail Running is a total body workout, develops core strength, & adds years to your running career

Of Note... We need More people to lead trail runs:
Our runs are generally on the northside of Atlanta because this is where I (Jay W, the organizer) lives. But, we want more people to lead runs all over Metro Atlanta.

Once you have trail run with us at least a few times to see how we do have non-drop runs, tell me (Jay W) in person, or send me an e-mail, and tell me that you want to lead trail runs.

We need more trail run leaders to lead trail runs for:

- Different distances (Ultra marathon, marathon, half-marathon, 15k, 10k, or shorter)

- Different paces

- Different days of the week and times

- Different metro Atlanta locations (For example, some great trails are located in: Stone Mountain, Lawrenceville, Hamilton Mill, Lithonia, Dunwoody, Norcross, Buford Dam, Cumming,†Sandy Springs,†East Cobb, Canton, Town Lake, Decatur, Douglasville, Red Top Mountain,†at most parks all along the†Chattahoochee river,††and of course, North Georgia. This group has a diverse group of members, and we need more organizers for all of the 50+ trail running locations through metro Atlanta!

We enjoy diversity in our trails, restaurants, and running cohorts. Sometimes following a run we have breakfast/brunch/lunch. We like outdoor adventure, and sometimes combine trail running with canoeing / kayaking or mountain biking.