North Fulton Libertarians Meetup

Group Description

Smaller Government  -  Lower Taxes  -  More Freedom  -  Pro Small Business  -  Fiscally Conservative


Meet Libertarians near you! Come to a local Libertarian Meetup for Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, Sandy Springs, and Johns Creek to share your opinions on today's political climate and issues, network, and learn how you can contribute to America's political future in the local area. Everyone interested in Libertarianism is welcome!

The meeting is open to all and is an excellent opportunity to get involved in the Libertarian Party. We have one libertarian in North Fulton in an elected office, Karen Richardson, who is a City Council member for Johns Creek. The long term purpose of this group is to get additional libertarians elected to local offices in North Fulton and have our voices heard when decisions are being made in our area.

The libertarian message is coming from many people and groups that are the affiliated with the Libertarian Party. The Tea Party, the Campaign for Liberty, Ron Paul supporters, and many other openly support libertarian ideas. Three of the Republicans presidential candidates so far support plans to vastly simplify tax structure and reduce tax rates.


If whoever wins in Noverber 2012 makes the federal goverment leaner with less taxes and spending, we also need new people to take over Georgia's congress and the local city councils and state goverment.



To review the federal budget increase - past and future - see: