AMC North Point Mall 12

Address: 4500 N Point Cir
Phone: (888) 262-4386
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Category: Movie Theater
Check Ins: 2217


  • Shae Shae

    I absolutely love this theater. The seats are comfy and roomy, it's like sitting in your own movie room at home. A little pricy but that's to be expected at the mall.
  • David Satterfield

    Overall theater- excellent. Staff and customer service - excellent. Expanded concession - pretty cool (though I'm not a huge fan of freestyle machines personally). Warning - IMAX seats don't recline
  • Indja Cornwell

    Great atmosphere and a really fine group of staff.
  • Janine

    Most comfortable movie theater I have ever been to, unfortunately with the reserved seating you have to buy your tickets way in advance. I hope they have more of a variety of movies in the future.
  • Jeff Whipple

    Great new theater with assigned reclining seats. Bar, food and IMAX!
  • Nirav Shah

    4 different freestyle coke machines! Larger menu selection at concessions! Make sure to use your Stubs card and save $$$
  • Daniel Latimer

    Amazing reclining lazy boy chairs with multilevel private seating and DLP projectors... Say what?
  • Chip Tallent

    It was one of the nicest theater I have ever been to. The staff was beyond nice and attentive
  • Allen Tart

    First time here but it won't be my last! I think I'll come here every time to watch a movie! Very clean, every seat is a cushioned recliner and the sound is incredible! They even have reserved seating
  • Nirav Shah

    AMC Prime not worth the extra $5/person. The sound is a little better but the Seats look older and are not as comfortable as their standard burgundy recliners. Save the money and go the regular show
  • Jenny P

    Reserve your seats beforehand and sit in the front row of the tier!
  • Marcus Oh

    seats are hella comfortable. BE AWARE though, seats on the very back row have this idiotic glass pane in front of them which splits the screen in half when full reclined.
  • unclemattie

    Best Movie Theater around!
  • Miranda Hermanski

    This is a fantastic theater - very clean, great picture and sound, friendly staff and don't forget the Coca Cola Freestyle machines and reclining seats! I will definitely be returning.
  • Janine

    Best movie watching experience EVER in a theater! Recliners make it feel like I'm sitting in my Livingroom - upper level seats are better because of the wall between each row.
  • La Trice Smith

    My new favorite movie theater. Definitely loving the reclining seats.
  • Kevin Voth

    Comfy chairs and reserved seating.
  • Marc Smith

    Best movie theater in the entire State.
  • Jenn Ong

    The staff is sooo slow here...
  • Drama King

    Supporting the premiere showing of America.
  • Shareka Coverson

    We do not like this place. How do you change auditoriums for a movie people paid for 5 days before the show and make them pick seats that are leftover the night of. Back to Studio Movie Grill for us!
  • Tommy Wandrum

    OMG! The seats are the most comfortable ever. Come well rested or they will put you to sleep.
  • Steve Green

    Love the recliners! Neighbors was hilarious.
  • Neal Hardin

    Prime theater is just like iMax, BUT the seats recline!
  • Sonny Hancock

    Loved it. Fun ride.
  • Tiffany Greene

    Love this place! Wish the IMAX theater room has reclining chairs as well but still super comfy. Staff is always very pleasant!
  • John Ruben

    Great experience... You need to choose the seat while booking so book early and get the best seats...
  • Yaisiel Torres

    Careful with the seat snatchers! If you reserved good seats online and you're running late, some troll may have taken them. Make sure you talk with an employee, they'll kick them out. True story
  • Justin Barnes

    Prime theater is Amazing!
  • Brian Flatley

    Nice recliners, which also means fewer seats. Plan you ticket purchases accordingly.
  • Marsha G.

    Row F is the best row for your viewing pleasure.
  • Brian C

    Great theater. Watch a movie here in IMAX.
  • Chad Hyams

    Join #amcstubs and buy tickets online in advance to pick the best seats
  • Dan Wright

    Love the recliners!
  • Jonathan Silver

    Reserve a seat behind the center aisle for the best view in the house.
  • Vani Vahal

    Best theater seats ever. I'll definitely be making an effort to come here more often!
  • Brian Feinberg

    Chicken tenders were fine, but nachos weren't. Motorized recliners had their own armrests. Reserved seating helped since we arrived at the last minute. Don't confuse this location another nearby AMC,
  • Marcus Oh

    get in before noon on holidays and weekends for a $7 seat.
  • M W

    Great theater!
  • Rav Mohapatra

    Definitely go to AMC Prime for the reclining seats!
  • Eric Jenkins

    Love the new AMC recliner seating. I'm not a fan of the fact that it is reserved seating.
  • George Lafoon

    Very nice theater. The recliners are awesome!
  • Todd Horton

    Get your reserved seats online! It's quick, easy and guarantees great recliner seats for your movie!!
  • Angel

    Amazing atmosphere. Great sound quality. Intimate theater with reclining seats. Full bar
  • Elise Livingston

    Comfy seats :)
  • Carly Taffet

    Nice theater! Love the reclining seats :)
  • Sherrod Mitchell

    This theatre is amazing! They have reserved seating and the chairs are recliners. I will be back here again!
  • Stephanie??

    Free movies
  • Lakesha Powell

    Loving this theatre! Lounging makes it even better!
  • mahoganymelie

    Great seats, great customer service